Motel Svinesundparken

Room2rent offers daily and long-term rentals at Motel Svinesundparken. This is a 'smart motel' without keys. After completing your booking and payment online, you'll receive a code for the room. You handle your own check-in and check-out, adapting it to your schedule! Breakfast is included for motel guests.

Motel Svinesundparken offers 33 rooms, including 2 ground-floor studio apartments. All rooms have a spacious bathroom, a fridge with a freezer, TV, desk, chair, bed, and wardrobe. For long-term renters, there are facilities to use a communal kitchen for meal preparation, as well as shared laundry services. The building's ground floor houses a restaurant. Additionally, various amenities such as grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping, fast-food, and padel are nearby. Ample parking is available right outside. All rooms have Wi-Fi.

For long-term rentals or other inquiries about the motel/daily rentals, please contact at or call 41 39 84 60."