With over 20 years of experience in providing accommodation for businesses, Room2rent offers a proven concept that provides simple and flexible accommodation for contractors and others in need of short- and long-term rentals for projects or other purposes.

We understand the importance of focusing on core business activities, and therefore, we take care of all housing-related aspects for our clients.

Room2rent has strategically located properties in the central East of Norway, primarily covering the area from Svinesund to Oslo. This makes us ideally positioned for projects in the construction industry, offering temporary accommodation in modern and comfortable rooms in permanent properties as well as modular buildings/foreman units in central areas.

Our concept includes made beds, furnished rooms, thorough cleaning, and caretaker services, ensuring our clients feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay.

We recognize the significance of reliable and functional housing facilities when away from home on work assignments, and we take this responsibility seriously. Whether for short or long-term projects, we are ready to adapt to our clients' needs and deliver tailored accommodation solutions.

Our dedicated team is here to assist clients in finding the optimal housing solution that suits their requirements and budgets.

Room2rent has a solid reputation for delivering quality services, and we take pride in being a reliable partner for businesses in need of seamless and comfortable accommodation.

Through our services, our clients can fully focus on their projects, knowing that their housing needs are being taken care of by professionals.

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